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New Blog Template and Table of Contents

I have updated the template for this blog. It should look pretty much the same, but the codes are updated. I was concerned that if I did not update, Blogger might one day stop supporting the old template and codes. I did not want to risk losing the archive of posts.

I have also made a new Table of Contents. I was manually coding the old table of contents, which meant that I had to update it every month. The new code updates automatically. In addition, the list can be sorted alphabetically (or reversed) or by date (most recent or oldest first). That is much more user friendly. It does take about 20 to 30 seconds for the Table of Contents to initially load. That is because there are over 700 posts to index.

I found the code for the Table of Contents at the Beautiful Beta Blog and modified it to make the contents appear on a separate page.

Please check out the new Table of Contents and try out the sorting options. Remember, it takes a little while to load.


Charles C. Goodin