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Kata Errors

Last night, we had the advanced students in our dojo demonstrate kata for the beginners. We wanted the beginners to get an idea about what they would be learning.

I was very proud of all our students, but naturally noticed some errors. Here is a list, in hopes that it will help our students, and other students who might make the same errors:

  • Moving too quickly. Give yourself time to "set" each movement.
  • Feet not straight enough in Naihanchi dachi.
  • Not turning the head in the direction you are looking. Don't look "side eyed". If you turn your nose in the right direction, your head will also be correct.
  • Looking down. You should look straight throughout the kata.
  • Stances too high. Even for our style which is based on natural stances, you have to get down low enough in Naihanchi dachi, zenkutsu dachi, neko ashi, etc. Sometimes high stances are also a result of rushing.
  • Weak kicks. Kicks should whip and stab.
  • Moving too fast. I know I said this already, but it is the main problem. Take your time to "set", and then throw the movements quickly. The pace between movements is a walking pace.
Hope this helps! These are all very easy to work on.


Charles C. Goodin