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Just Like....

This is a story.

There was a student who idolized Choki Motobu. He read all of his books (Okinawan Kenpo Tode Jutsu, Kumite Hen, 1926, and Watashi no Tode Jutsu, 1932). He read all of the articles published about him. He watched every video produced about Motobu's fighting system.

He studied for years, then decades. Finally he felt confident that he had learned the Motobu art. In fact, one of his seniors declared "your techniques are just like Motobu Sensei's!"

Brimming with confidence, the student went to a shady area of town to test out his skills. Acting cocky, he quickly got his wish. A big man threw a wild punch toward the student's nose. Out went the student's block and "bam" the punch landed right on his nose!

A couple hours later, after he had been revived and taken to the hospital, the student awoke to find his senior sitting by his bed.

"You, you said my techniques were just like Motobu Sensei's," said the student.

"They are," replied the senior. "You have copied his techniques precisely. But I didn't say that you are as strong as Motobu Sensei, or that you can take or slip a punch as well as he could, or that you are a fighter. And only a fool goes out looking for trouble. You're lucky that you weren't killed."

"Is that all you have to say?" whimpered the student.

"Well, that big guy who punched you sure hit like Motobu Sensei!"


Charles C. Goodin