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Hurt Shin

Yesterday I watched a video of a Karate demonstration. I won't identify the style, but one participant stood on his left left foot and held out his right leg bent at the knee at a right angle. An assistant came out with a long piece of wood to demonstrate a break.

The assistant swung the wood right into the other guy's right shin. The wood just went "thwack" and did not break. So they did it again. "Thwack." Still in one piece. By now the guy was looking a little concerned. One more time. "Bam!" That must have been a really hard piece of wood because it simply would not break. Finally, they gave up and walked off the stage.

I have to hand it to the guy getting hit. He did not show any pain and was very composed. It was probably the assistant's fault. Perhaps he did not swing the wood correctly.

But it certainly seemed to me that it must have really hurt and could very well have done some damage. I would never recommend doing such a thing.

Breaking bad habits, to me, is more important that breaking pieces of wood.

I still wince when I think about that guy's shin.


Charles C. Goodin