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Challenging Your Sensei

I have, from time to time, heard about students who had disagreements with their sensei and challenged them to a fight. Naturally, I do not approve of such a thing. But I recognize that there are some bad sensei in the world and some of them do terrible things to their students.

But if a student disagrees so severely with his sensei, it is usually best for him to simply withdraw from the dojo and either find a new sensei or train on his own. What is the point of fighting?

But that is not my point. My point is that students who fight their sensei often end up with students who later want to fight them. If the student acts that way, why should his students act differently?

If instead, the student acts with respect and dignity, then his students might do the same. Even if the student disagrees with his sensei, he probably feels some gratitude to him for teaching him over the years.

Courtesy is tested when the situation is heated.


Charles C. Goodin