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Black Belt Yet?

Sometimes people will ask me how long I have practiced Karate. I will usually reply about 35 years (or so). They will often then ask, "So, are you a black belt?"

I always think to myself, "I should hope so!"

It only takes 8 years or so to earn a Ph.D or medical degree. In 7 years, a person can earn a law degree (4 years of undergraduate school plus 3 years of law school).

I can't think of anything that takes 35 years to earn. If there was, I'm sure that most people would give up long before attaining it.

It is just that our popular culture is fixated on the "black belt." It means so much to the average person. Do they think that it represents an advanced degree in Karate?

I wonder what they think when they see an 8 year old black belt? Don't get me going on that issue.

If we do not want the public to be fixated on the "balck belt", we in Karate should not emphasize it ourselves. My sons have begun to refuse to wear any belt at all.


Charles C. Goodin