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Thank You Very Much!

I want to thank the many readers of this blog who have sent their best wishes and prayers regarding my wife's condition. We both appreciate it very much. I also was touched to hear of readers whose wives, mothers, and loved ones have also experienced breast cancer.

This week has been very hectic as we attend to all the details necessary to prepare my wife for chemotherapy, which will begin next week. It seems like we have appointments every day. However, I got to attend Karate class last night and it was great to train!

Then afterwards, my second son and I lifted weights at home for about an hour. I actually bench pressed 175 pounds. That may not be very much, but my previous records was... 65 pounds. And at least it was more than my body weight -- by just a little.

I have been lifting with my sons for about two months and really like it. Of course, they are monsters. I always have to take off half the weights (or more) after they lift!

Thank you all very much again. I have many Karate Thoughts to write and will get to them very soon.


Charles C. Goodin