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Back To School

For most students in Hawaii, schools have started for the Fall. Two of my sons started their classes at the University of Hawaii today and my daughter started her high school classes two weeks ago.

Karate is important, but students should always do their best in school first. School must come first. You should not hit the makiwara until you have hit the books! Keep up with your assignments and homework and be prepared for tests and projects.

Never let your school suffer because of your Karate training. Do your schoolwork first. Get the best grades possible. Your education will help you to get a good job and provide for your family. But what will happen if your fail at school? You might have to settle for a job that you do not enjoy and that makes it difficult for you to pay for life's expenses.

You should not spend more time playing video games than you do studying! And playing video games does not make you healthier. You should exercise instead. Exercise will strengthen your body, help you to resist illness, and keep your mind sharp.

If you are good at Karate you should be better at school! I am not only speaking as a parent, I am also speaking as someone who went to college for 8 years. I know how hard it can be to be a student.

Karate is a lifelong pursuit. Sometimes you might have to miss Karate class because of school assignments or tests. That's OK. Being a diligent student is part of Karate training. When you are studying properly, that is Karate.

School must come first! Try your best. I never heard a person complain that their grades were too good.

Remember, there are two "A's" in Karate. (Sorry about that.)


Charles C. Goodin