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Teaching Karate 9 -- Kata

Sometimes it is hard for new instructors to decide what to teach. In Shorin-Ryu this is very easy -- teach and practice kata. Kata is the heart and soul of Shorin-Ryu.

Though kata we learn the basics, how to move, and how to apply self defense applications. The kata we practice in Shorin-Ryu are already a perfect outline for teaching. It is easy to instruct if you base you instruction on the kata and the principles that flow from them.

Kata are like the DNA of Karate. If you look deeply into kata, you will not only find certain answers, you will also find that the kata give you the ability to replicate the system. What I mean by this is that the kata contain the framework for the entire system, not just scattered or isolated techniques.

Teach kata and practice kata. You will find that the kata also teach you!


Charles C. Goodin