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Teaching Karate 5 -- Enthusiasm

Students will not be enthusiastic about Karate training if you are not. On the other hand, your enthusiasm will be infectious.

Whenever I am in the dojo, I am very happy to be there. I have worked hard at my law office so that I could have the time, that evening, to train and teach. I could be other places, even resting at home, but I want to be in the dojo. And during my time there, I want to do my very best.

Have you ever met a salesperson who was not excited about his product? If you did, I suspect that you did not buy it.

Karate is not a product (at least I do not view it that way), but why should a student want to learn from you if you are not exited about your own craft?

My wife always says that I make Karate training interesting because everyone can tell that I am extremely enthusiastic about it.

So don't just teach to teach. In my dojo, instructors are not paid. They have no monetary motivation. They might teach out of a sense of obligation, but I hope not. I hope that they teach because they genuinely want to share the art.

My Sensei, Prof. Katsuhiko Shinzato, told me this when I first met him. He picked me up at the Naha Air Port and before going to Yonabaru, he took me to a coffee shop. I will always remember his words:

"I enjoy practicing Karate. If students enjoy training, they are welcome to practice with me."

The basis of his training was his enjoyment of the art. I try to remember that whenever I teach. If I enjoy the art, hopefully my students will too.

Hopefuly your students will as well.


Charles C. Goodin