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Teaching Karate 1 -- A Responsibility

Teaching Karate is a responsibility. It should not be taken lightly.

When you teach, you not only represent yourself, you also represent your teacher, his or her teachers, and so on, going all the way back to the earliest Karate teachers. To some extent, there are traces of Matsumura Sensei, Itosu Sensei, and other great sensei in you and in the art that you teach.

I do not mean to say that this makes you great -- I mean to say that it should make you humble. It is an honor to learn Karate and an even greater honor to teach it. You have been asked or selected to teach because your teacher or teachers believe in you. Don't let them down.

People in the community will gradually learn that you are a Karate teacher. How you conduct yourself will also reflect on the art of Karate. People will judge the art by your actions. Don't let the art down either.

There is a saying that when the rice is ripe, it bows under its own weight. Remember that when you teach.

Teaching Karate is a responsibility, one you should undertake with humility.


Charles C. Goodin