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Hawaii's Most Senior Sensei

Sometimes I am asked who is the most senior Karate Sensei in Hawaii.

I always answer that this distinction goes to Shihan Bobby Lowe, the senior student of Sensei Mas Oyama. Lowe Sensei has studied Karate since the 1940s, and became a student of Oyama Sensei in 1952. He continues to teach the Kyokushin form of Karate near the University of Hawaii. He was a founding member and is the chairman of the Hawaii Karate Kodanshakai.

Before World War II, the most senior Karate Sensei in Hawaii, in my opinion, was Sensei Seio Morikone. He was a student of Anko Itosu. When visitors such as Mizuho Mutsu and Kamesuke Higashionna came to Hawaii, they would stop in to pay their respects to him. He also instructed local instructors such as Seishin Uehara and Thomas Shigeru Miyashiro.

Tomorrow's most senior Sensei may be the child in your dojo!


Charles C. Goodin