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Why So Good?

Why were the early Okinawans so good at Karate?

A friend of mine is from Hilo, on the Big Island (Hawaii). Hilo, particularly when he grew up, was a very quiet town. It still is.

When he grew up, my friend did two things: Judo and fishing. If he wasn't doing Judo, he would be fishing (or snorkling). Judo and fishing. Fishing and Judo. My friend was one of those Judoka who would wrap his obi around a tree and practice banging into it with his hips and legs to strengthen his throws.

It should not be too much of a surprise that my friend was very good at Judo and fishing.

Today we are so busy. Our lives are so filled with activities. When we are not watching television, we are on the internet. Children spend countless hours on their cellular phones.

Most of us do not live in towns like Hilo. Most of us do not just do Judo and fishing... or Karate.

Anyone can become skilled at Karate if he or she is willing to put in the necessary time and effort to become so. But so few people are willing to make such a commitment.


Charles C. Goodin