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Very Aggressive At...

I am a pretty calm person. There is one thing, however, at which I was extremely aggressive -- taking tests.

In undergraduate school, business school, and especially at law school, I was a test taking terror. I would gear my entire semester on being prepared for the final examinations. In law school, there often was only the final examination, no other tests or assignments during the term. As such, your entire grade would be based on that single examination.

I would study intensely for exams, and would make up songs that I could memorize and sing in my head with the names of all the major cases applicable to the subject. As soon as the test would begin, I would sing the song and write down all the case names. As the test progressed, I would be sure to include the relevant cases.

Test taking was like a tournament to me. I not only attacked the test, I attacked the person who wrote the test. I tried to see what it was he or she wanted/expected the students to say. If I could see that, the test was far easier.

I don't think linearly. The law, to me, was like floating, colored shapes. There were patterns, but sometimes seemingly unconnected things were connected. If you let the shapes move, you could see these connections.

I have to say that I was a test monster. They were my single focus and I directed all my energies to them. During a test I would not allow myself to be distracted for even a second. My attention was like a razor.

When it comes to daily life, I try to be very calm and peaceful. When it came to tests, I was extremely aggressive.

I also challenged myself by taking many courses in undergraduate school. One semester I took 7 classes. As a result, I graduated in three years rather than four and was able to get a master's degree with only five years of study overall.

As Karate students, we are often challenged physically. Through hard training, we can meet such challanges. But we can also use the same determination we learn in Karate to excel at school and work.

Karate training can enable you to give superhuman effort when needed.


Charles C. Goodin