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Foul Techniques

I am sitting in my office reading a tournament booklet. Some techniques not permitted:

  • Strike to face
  • Groin kick
  • Pushing with head and attacking
  • Elbow to face
  • Kick to knee
  • Head butting
  • Strike to neck
  • Kicking head from behind
  • Pushing with open hands
  • Striking the spine from behind
  • Grabbing and attacking
Why is it that so many of my favorite techniques are never allowed? They did not even include:
  • Pulling hair
  • Grabbing the groin
  • Joint locks
  • Poking the eyes
  • Poking the throat
  • Breaking fingers and toes
  • Choking
  • Throwing or ramming into a wall, corner or object
  • Hitting with a chair or other foreign object
  • Throwing dirt or sand into the eyes
  • Biting
  • Spitting
  • Ripping or gouging with the fingernails
  • Stomping
OK, so the second list is a little carried away. But I am often amazed at the self-defense techniques (goshin jutsu) that are not allowed in competitions. In fact, a comprehensive list of what is prohibited would probably be a list of what works best (particularly for a smaller person).

[Disclaimer: Of course if you are participating in a tournament, you should follow the rules applicable in that tournament. Safety should always be the most important concern. I do not participate in tournaments, thus my view of Karate is self-dense oriented. Be safe!]


Charles C. Goodin