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Drugs -- Medications

Some of the readers of this Blog might be children. So I thought that I should clarify my statements about drugs. See: Karate-No! Program.

When I say that Karate students should avoid drug abuse, I am referring to illegal drugs such as marijuana, inhalants, ice, ecstasy, crack, etc. I am referring to the types of drugs that can get you arrested by the police.

There are many medications that our physicians might prescribe (give to us). For example, I take medications for allergies. These might be called drugs, but they are not illegal drugs. They are legal and designed to help us to be healthy.

When I say that Karate students should avoid drug abuse, I mean that they should avoid the use of illegal drugs. Illegal drugs can harm you physically, can lead to arrest and even imprisonment, and should be avoided.

A final note, students should also be very careful with all types of medications. Children should listen to their parents and follow their instructions about any medications (when to take them, how many to take, whether to take them on an empty or full stomach, etc.). Even adults should be very careful. Sometimes over the counter medicines, such as decongestants, can interact in unexpected ways with prescription medications.

Avoid illegal drugs and be very careful with all forms of medications.

Karate does not only involve defending yourself, it also involves taking care of yourself.

See: Prescription Drugs.


Charles C. Goodin