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Countering Intricate Techniques

Sometimes I show joint locks and intricate techniques to my students. There is a lot to learn in Karate and such techniques are part of the overall curriculum.

However, whenever I show such a technique I usually mention that an effective counter is to grab the attacker around the waist or chest and forcefully throw him to the ground (or against a wall, into a corner, onto furniture, etc.). There, you would proceed to pound, kick and stomp him. Even if you cannot grab the attacker, you might be able to crash your body into his. Spearing the attacker with your shoulder usually works pretty well.

If someone applies a joint lock to you, there probably is a counter. But if you do not know the counter or if it is too late to apply it, sometimes a crude, rough technique works the best.

Many martial artists do not know how to handle being slammed to the ground or into an object.


Charles C. Goodin