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The Best Student

I am an attorney. I am fortunate to have many clients. When I speak to any of my clients, I want them to feel that they are my best, most important client. And they are. My business success depends on each of my clients. They are each the best!

So is each of my Karate students. Each student is the best, each is the most important. One student may have a particular strength -- one may be faster, another stronger, another smoother. But each is the best.

If I had to give a medal to the best student in my dojo, I would have to give the medal to each student.

I have four children. Do you know which one is the best?

The same goes for my Karate students. How can one be better than another? They are all different, and each the best.

At a dojo in which I trained, one of the instructors used to say, "we are all on the same bus." All the students are on the same bus. We are all going to the same place. It is not a race among the students.

If you are a Karate student, you should know that you are the best. If you are a Karate instructor, please try to make each of your students feel that way.

To be the best, try your best.


Charles C. Goodin