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All Other Things Being Equal...

All other things being equal...

  • The bigger person will win,
  • The stronger person will win,
  • The faster person will win,
  • The more determined person will win,
  • The more skilled person will win.
Of course, all other things are usually not equal. Through skill and determination, Karate can enable a person to overcome a bigger, stronger, and faster attacker. But we have to be realistic. Size, strength, and speed are each considerable advantages. When combined, the advantage is very difficult to overcome.

There are other advantages we must also consider.
  • A person who has the element of surprise will usually win,
  • An armed person will usually win,
  • A person with friends backing him up will usually win.
The techniques of Karate should only be used as a last resort. Avoidance of conflict is the foundation of the art. If there is no way to avoid conflict, then you have to consider the many things that may not be equal.


Charles C. Goodin