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Getting Hit With Your Own Arm

You might have seen movies where someone cuts off a person's arm and hits him with it. This type of thing is usually reserved for horror or zombie flicks.

But Florentino S. Pancipanci (I learned from him at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii), used to do something somewhat similar.

When you attacked, he would grab your wrist and twist your arm inward so that your elbow was pointed toward your body. Then he would thrust forward, striking you with your own elbow!

He was the only person I have ever seen who did this. Mr. Pancipanci used to say that you made the attacker hit himself. I was often on the receiving end of this technique and it really worked. Getting his with your own elbow completely disrupted the flow of your movement -- and it really hurt!

Of course we learned something similar in Aikido, but the striking thrust was replaced with a throw.

Mr. Pancipanci was an amazing instructor.


Charles C. Goodin