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Bottles of Awamori

Don't try to carry bottles of awamori in your carry on luggage. I had no problem going from Naha to Kansai. But in Kansai when I switched to the international terminal and went through the security scanners, they almost acted like I was carrying a... something very bad. I had two bottles of awamori and two bottles of non-alcoholic drinks, each of which violated the new airline security rules.

So it was back to the check-in counter to check in my carry on bag. They even wrapped it in a plastic bag. Luckily I had lots of time before my flight.

I only wanted to carry the awamori carefully!

Looking back, it was pretty funny and I was pretty dumb for forgetting the carry on rules. And the security personnel at Kansai were very polite. They even gave me a nice "SECURITY" badge to wear when I went back to the check-in counter and let me return to the security area through a special door (to bypass the lines).

The good news is that there was no problem carrying on boxes and boxes of mochi!

So remember, no big bottles on international flights (domestic flights too most likely).

Come to think of it, I had made sure to put my little tube of toothpaste and small bottle of mouthwash in a quart sized plastic bag.

We live and learn.


Charles C. Goodin