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Benefits of Learning

Just back from Okinawa and still reeling from the experience (I am finally back on Hawaii time), I noticed two things about learning:

1. Learning makes you younger. No matter how old you might be, learning something new makes you feel younger. I think that your brain renews itself when you learn. If we can keep learning, we can stay young -- or at least younger than we would be otherwise.

2. When you are busy learning, you have no room in your brain for petty things such as politics. You are too busy learning! Come to think of it, people who have room in their brains for politics, probably stopped learning a long time ago.

The act of learning itself is a good thing. If you can learn an excellent form of Karate from a Sensei with an equally execellent character, how much better!

But even if we cannot learn Karate (perhaps we are stationed on a ship without a dojo, or many other reasons), we should still learn something. Everything we learn makes us that much better -- and perhaps younger.

Here's something to learn that might improve your Karate -- juggling. Seriously.


Charles C. Goodin