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All We Can Do...

Earlier today I was talking to my wife about a Karate situation involving inaccurate information and rather outlandish claims. Unfortunately, this is not that an uncommon a thing. The more you know about martial arts, the more you become aware of... inaccuracies (I am being nice).

My wife didn't seem to pay much attention (after all, she hears this kind of thing from me a lot). Then she said, "All we can do is to try the best we can at what we do."

All we can do is to try the best we can at what we do.

She could not be more right! It does not matter if other people might do this or that -- what matters is what we ourselves do and that we are trying our best. No one can try the best for me. Only I can do that!

I learned something today from my wife.


Charles C. Goodin