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I wonder how many martial artists are learning things by watching YouTube.com videos. I am often sent links to various clips that people think are interesting. I have to admit that some of them actually are very interesting, particularly the Chinese ones.

Some clips are just downright funny. I'm sure they were posted for that reason.

But you have to be careful. Many videos are posted without the subject's permission. How do you know that the person was demonstrating a "good" example. He might not be an expert, or he might have been showing how "not" to do something. You could be watching an outtake.

I know that my own Sensei is very concerned about videos, because he always feels that his technique continues to evolve. What he did yesterday might not be what he is emphasizing today. And I know that sometimes he will intentionally show the wrong way to do something on a video with an explanation of the error. But in a video clip, the explanation might be deleted.

So you have to be very careful watching marial arts videos and videoclips. And you should never post anything unless you have received the subject's permission.


Charles C. Goodin