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White Belt

The other day I was rummaging through my pile of old white belts, when I realized that the white belt I always carry in my Karate bag was gone. I must have given it to a student some time back.

I always try to carry a white belt, occassionally for a student who has forgotten theirs, but generally for myself. If someone visits my dojo to teach another art, or if I visit another dojo which teaches another art, I want to have a white belt to wear.

A senior black belt (now a 9th dan) once mentioned that he wanted to visit my dojo to see our interpretation of certain kata. He said, "I'll come in my white belt."

Even a senior black belt should have the attitude of a student. But this is a pretty rare thing. Too many people let their "rank" blind them to what they do not know. A good student is always trying to learn and improve himself.

We should always carry a white belt, whether in our bag or in our attitude.

Of course, the belt is just a symbol. In some dojo, they wear no belts at all!


Charles C. Goodin