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When I Meet Students

When I meet students of Karate, whether they are new students or instructors who have studied for decades, I always gauge or measure one thing. Can you guess what it is?


I do not care about rank, titles, awards, strength, speed, power, etc. Of course, these things are all part over the overall package that makes up a person. But without sincerity, all of these things mean nothing.

On the other hand, a sincere student, even if he lacks stength, speed and power, can become very skilled in Karate. Little by little, a person can improve.

Of course, a person cannot try to be sincere. Sincerity is a natural thing.

No matter how advanced an instructor might be, he will often say that "he is just a student, that he still has much to learn." I have heard some very great Sensei say this.

Sincerity is the most important trait of a good Karate student.


Charles C. Goodin