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Refinement of the Person

A while back, I wrote a post entitled Karate Refinement. My good friend and mentor Sensei Pat Nakata, often speaks and writes about this subject -- the importance of refining Karate technique.

I would like to write about a variation of this theme. It is also important to refine your character -- to refine your life.

It is good to make your shuto more efficient. It is absolutely essential to do so if you wish to improve in Karate.

But it is even more essential to work on your character -- on the totality of your personality traits. What good is a strong shuto if you are dishonest? What good is a strong kick if you are so insecure that you always seek attention (rank, title, awards)? What good is any aspect of Karate if you do not work equally hard on your daily life?

A thousand punches -- easy. Holding your temper -- hard. A thousand kicks -- easy. Helping a person in need -- hard.

Conditioning the body is relatively easy. Making techniques efficient is relatively easy (even if it takes a lifetime). The hardest thing is to work on yourself.

Refine yourself.


Charles C. Goodin