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My Compliments to....

On Monday evening, our class was pretty small and we practiced bo exclusively. I want to give my compliments to all the students who attended class: Ikaika, Cael, Kehau, Christine, Kaimana, Kai, Aaron, and Reyn. You all did an excellent job!

I am amazed that my students, even the younger ones, can learn kata such as Sakugawa Nu Kun. That is a long and complicated kata with many difficult movements. And yet I find that no matter what I teach, my students can learn it -- usually much faster than I learned it myself.

There is a saying that our reach should always be longer than our grasp. For me, as a teacher, I want to always be reaching so that my students will never settle for what is already within their grasp. Karate is a lifelong learning project. That means we never stop learning. Never.

But I am truly amazed to see youth and teens doing things I could not do in my early 40s! I canot imagine how skilled they will become if they keep training throughout their lives.

Good job!


Charles C. Goodin