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Meeting Karate Students -- Technique

When I meet students or instructors, I am sometimes asked to evaluate their technique. Of course, we all practice different styles and we are all different.

When I do evaluate students or instructors, I do not ask myself whether they are faster or stronger than me, or other people. I ask myself how much of their potential they have realized.

This is very important.

It is OK to try to be better than other people. But suppose you are in a group of weak people. Being the best in this group might not be saying very much at all.

Even if a student is better than 20 other people, the question should be how he is compared to the best that he could be. He might be the best student in the class, but have only reached 50% of his potential. If he had a confrontation with his twin who had reach 100% of his potential, he would surely lose.

So, to be better than other people is OK as a starting point, but to be the best you can possibly be is the real goal.

As you age, you will find that your strength and speed will decline. It is a natural thing. If you rely on raw strength and speed, your Karate life will become very challenging, maybe even miserable.

That is why it is essential that you try to become the very best that you can be, that you learn to become very efficient, that you learn to generate power with you entire body rather than just your extremities.

Work to become the best you can be.


Charles C. Goodin