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Size Does Not Matter

We often say that in Karate, size does not matter.

There are no weight divisions in self defense. Your size is a given. You do not know who might attack you. You have to deal with whoever might come your way.

If a tall person attacks you, you cannot say, "Wait, you are too tall. Please substitute someone my size."

Your size is a given. It does not change very much over the years once you become an adult. The important thing is to find the self defense strategy that is optimum for your size, build, strength, and speed. For most of my students, the strategy is to get close to the attacker (unless you can run away). Okinawan Karate generally involves in close "fighting" or self defense. In close, a taller attacker's advantage is reduced or even eliminated.

At arm's length, you cannot use your elbows. Up close, you have more striking options and are close enough to reach the attacker's most vulnerable points.

But if you are tall, your reach is an advantage. So it all depends on you. You must find the optimum strategy for you.

Your size does not matter because you cannot change it. The attacker's size does not matter because you cannot change it either.

What you can change, through hard training, is your level of skill and degree of physical conditioning.


Charles C. Goodin