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A Recommendation to New Students

I have generally observed that half of new Karate students quit within one month and half of the remainders quite within three months. If a student makes it to the three month mark, the chances are pretty good that he or she will stay for a while.

Why do so many new students quit? There may be many reasons (perhaps I am a poor instructor), but the one I notice most often is that the students discover that they do not have sufficient time to attend class and practice at home. Attending class is not enough. If a student only attends class, he or she will always be behind other students who also practice at home.

So if you are thinking about joining my class, or any martial arts class for that matter, please make sure that you have time to both attend class and practice at home.

Remember that you cannot really pay for martial arts instruction. Your "payment" is your effort.


Charles C. Goodin