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One Year Anniversary!

The Karate Thoughts Blog celebrated its one year anniversary on February 21st! Thank you very much for reading and for the many words of encouragement. Including guest posts, we have had over 500 posts since our inception. Thank you very much to our guest writers.

The purpose of this blog is simple -- to write down many of the things I have heard over the last 30+ years from my sensei (plural), as well as some of the things I say in my own dojo. I hope that others are inspired to write down what their sensei taught them, as well as their own thoughts.

I have been very happy to have been contacted by some of my friends, fellow students, and former students who have found this blog on the internet. I was most happy to hear from some active duty military personnel who read this blog while assigned in Iraq and Afghanistan. My respect to you, and my thanks for your service to our country.

What will the next year bring? Who can say? Since Karate is something that you practice in your daily life, I think that there always be something productive to write.

Thank you again for your support of this blog.


Charles C. Goodin