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Dai Nippon Butokukai Collection


I have been somewhat quiet because I have been working on this:

Please see the Hawaii Karate Museum's new Dai Nippon Butokukai Collection. The collection includes a large collection of booklets donated by Sensei James Davenport (chitoryu.com), in memory of Sensei George Van Horne. The collection also includes medals, certificates, sake cups, and other items.

If you know anything about the items we have listed, particularly the medals, could you please let me know?

I have also listed the full text of two 1898 and 1932 Butokukai booklets. The 1989 booklets shows some of the medals we have displayed.

I hope that you enjoy our display! I have not announced it at the museum website yet.

As always, if you have Butokukai (or any Karate items) items that you might want to donate so that we can display them, I would be very grateful. For example, it would be great to obtain Miyagi Sensei's Butokukai certificate! (Just dreaming)


Charles C. Goodin