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Circle & Sphere

I have mentioned many times that in my dojo (the Hikari Dojo), we form a circle at the beginning and end of each class. We bow to each other as a sign of mutual respect -- there is no separate bow to the sensei. I learned this way of opening and closing class from my Sensei, Professor Katsuhiko Shinzato, who lives and teaches in Yonabaru, Okinawa.

Whether there are 10 students, 20 students, or 30 students, the circle is a circle. There is no highest position nor a lowest position. All positions are equal.

If the circle had 1,000,000 students in it, everything would still be the same. That would be some circle!

If you extend this principle, imagine the students lining up on the surface of a sphere. Each position would still be equal. There would be no highest position nor a lowest position. All positions would be equal.

As human beings, we are each points on the surface of the Earth. Each of us is created equal. No one is higher and no one is lower. We are a dojo with billions of students.

If equality applies in the dojo, it also should apply in the world.

It is not enough to show respect to our fellow students in the dojo, we should must also show respect to our fellow human beings.


Charles C. Goodin