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Sifu Andrew Lum

One of the nicest and most skilled martial arts one could hope to meet is Sifu Andrew Lum. When I was in high school (back in the 1970s), I wanted to join his class -- but it was too far to ride my bike from Hickam Air Force Base to Hawaii Kai!

About two or three years ago, I was introduced to Sifu Lum by Sensei Pat Nakata. They both teach classes in the same building in Kapahulu.

Sifu Lum is an excellent role model for traditonal Karate students and instructors. His "mind, body, spirit" approach is the way all martial arts should be taught. I recently discovered that he has a website at: http://sifulum.com/.

I always emphasize that Karate ("China Hand") came from the Chinese martial arts and that we can learn a great deal from them.


Charles C. Goodin