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Shuji Nu Kun

This post is about the Yamani-Ryu bojutsu kata, Shuji Nu Kun (or Shuji No Kon). I learned this kata from Sensei Katsuhiko Shinzato, along with Sakugawa Nu Kun and Shirataru Nu Kun.

Monday, I was going over the kata with my students. I asked them, "How many times do you change your grip during the kata?"

The answer was surprising, even to me. You do not change your grip at all during the kata. Once you grip the bo, your right and left hand grips do not change. You only slide the bo to make one end or the other longer or shorter.

How amazing that such a beautiful and varied kata could involve no grip changes.

I think of Shuji Nu Kun as being similar to our Rohai kata. Both are relatively short, but contain techniques that involve very advanced principles. It is very difficult to perform these kata well.


Charles C. Goodin