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A Sai For Key Ring

Sometimes you can find the best things on Ebay. Today I found a little sai that you can put on your key ring. Now that is a very useful thing -- a miniature sai for your key ring.

If you can think of it, someone is selling it. They sell just about everything imaginable to supply the insatiable demand of Karate students.

There are racks to display your old belts, rubber nunchaku and sai, Karate charms for bracelets, trophies, rank certificates -- you name it, they sell it. I even forgot about the Karate ring that looks like a high school graduation ring.

One thing that you cannot buy is skill. The only way to become skillful is by hard work and dedicated practice. No one can take skill from you. If you have skill, it is all yours. You don't need a fancy new gi to have skill. You would not display skill on a belt rack, or hang it on a charm bracelet or key ring. If you have skill, you will probably keep it to yourself.

But then I am pretty sure that someone is selling a patch that says "skill" -- and someone will probably buy it.


Charles C. Goodin