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Please Help: Classical Fighting Arts


You may know that I am a writer for Classical Fighting Arts (http://dragon-tsunami.org/Cfa/Pages/cfahome.htm). This journal used to be known as Dragon Times. It changed names when it went to the magazine format. From its next issue, it will be published in all glossy paper.

I have been very happy to watch the magazine grow over the years. It is the child of David Chambers and his dedicated staff.

I am not paid to write for the magazine. I do so because I believe it is an excellent publication (and they let me write what I like). The staff is very supportive. A couple of issues ago, the a 1927 Karate photo from Hawaii was featured on the cover. That photo is part of our Hawaii Karate Museum collection. It was the first time a pre-war Karate photo from Hawaii was on the cover of any magazine.

Lately, I have been helping other writers with their articles. The next issue will have articles about Yabu Sensei and Motobu Sensei, that I did not write, but with which I helped. In the current issue, there is a beautiful translation of sayings by Chosin Chibana, written by my friend and mentor, Sensei Pat Nakata.

I would like to ask for your help. If your local bookstore does not carry Classical Fighting Arts can you please ask them to do so? It would help to ask Barnes and Noble especially. The magazine is already widely carried in Borders. If they need to contact Classical Fighting Arts, its toll free number is 1-800-717-6288.

Several years ago, a publisher asked me to write for his magazine. I stated that 9 out of 10 of the articles were not very good -- they were too commercial. He answered that of course this was true -- the 9 bad articles paid for the 1 good one.

Classical Fighting Arts, in my opinion, has all good articles. Even if I might disagree with a particular view, it is still a view worthy of discussion.

If we don't encourage the coverage of traditional Karate and martial arts, we will have only ourselves to blame when the only coverage is of sports and celebrities.

Thank you.


Charles C. Goodin