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Kick And Fall

My friend let me watch one of his professional Karate type "fighting" videos. You know, two men in the ring...

One of the competitors was a big man. He was strong and fast. Well, generally all the men in these fights are big, strong and fast. In these contests, kicks to the head are allowed. This particular competitor could kick pretty high, but fell down afterwards at least five times.

I've seen matches where high kicks were used very effectively. But falling down five times?

In these matches, grappling and ground work were not allowed, so there really were no negative consequences to falling down. I guess that you could not kick in the groin either. Otherwise, I suspect that a groin or knee kick would be used as a counter to many high kicks.

One of my friends is a senior of Kyokushinkai. In their matches, you cannot punch to the head but you can kick there. I asked why this was so -- to me it seemed that both could cause severe damage. He said, "if you get kicked in the head you deserve it."

I would not want to try to kick a Judo man or wrestler in the head. Would you? I am pretty sure that I would be taken down.

High kicks look good on television. And some people can use them effectively. But I prefer to keep both my feet on the ground, or pretty close.

As one of my friends often says, "if you want to kick someone high, take them down first." Makes you rethink what a stomp means, no?


Charles C. Goodin