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Improving Your Karate

If you could improve one aspect of your Karate, what would it be?

Think about it. Think about one thing you would like to improve. Have you thought of something?

Now, what are three things that you could do to accomplish this?

Have you thought of these three things?

Good. Now do them!

We have to be responsible for our own self-improvement. Our Sensei will always be urging us on, setting an example for us, and teaching us, but real improvement is up to us.

Normally, the answer is to practice more -- longer, more regularly, harder. But sometimes the answer may be more technical. Once, I spent a few weeks analyzing video of my sensei and categorizing his responses to various spontaneous attacks. At first, I did not see any patterns. He just moved so fast. But after a while, I realized that his responses were somewhat predictible. There were patterns.

Once I saw the patterns, I could practice them in similar situation.

My point is that what you will need to do to accomplish your goal depends on your goal. Sometimes you just need to practice more. Sometimes you will need to practice in a certain way, or more carefully scrutinize your body dynamics or technique. It all depends.

But unless you take responsibility for your own improvement, you will be like a leaf floating on a pond. The years will go by. It could be like learning Karate for 20 years, with the first year repeated over and over.

If you could improve one aspect of your Karate, what would it be?


Charles C. Goodin