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A Good Workout

Last night, as I was walking into the gymnasium where our Karate classes are conducted, a worker at the gym said, "Have a good workout!"

That was a very nice comment, but it got me thinking. I never go to class with the thought of having a good workout -- I am always thinking about correcting my students (or myself). The old saying is that you should go to class to learn -- train at home.

I do not think about class time as training time. To me, class time is for learning. It is my time to correct my students -- to help identify their errors. I also will teach them new things or review materials. But I never conduct class simply for a workout. We do train hard, but it is always for the reasons I mentioned above.

I do not believe in babying my students. I will teach them and correct them, but it is up to them to work on what they learn. They should always try their best. If I show them something, I expect them to work on it at home, and return to class ready to be corrected or to learn more. Class is for learning. If my students will not work on what I teach them, I will hold back new materials until they show that they have done so. The cost or expense of learning is a commitment to personal training.

This is not only my attitude. My Shorin-Ryu Sensei have always taught like this.

Don't get me wrong. Push-ups and sit-ups are great. But there are better things to do in class and plenty of time for exercise at home.

Come to class to learn -- train at home.


Charles C. Goodin