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Being A Good Host

Occasionally, I would visit my Aikido Sensei at his home in Pauoa Valley. This was when I was in college.

One thing I remember is that his wife would always serve us soda and cookies or some other treat, such a manju. Without fail, she would make sure to serve us. I think I would drink more than one soda.

In my house, we rarely have any soda when guests stop by. This is because my four children almost always drink all the soda as soon as we bring it home. Snacks too. My children are like hungry termites! As they have grown -- two to adulthood -- they seem to eat even more!

But I suppose that my Aikido Sensei's family would have liked soda and treats too. I believe that my Sensei (or his wife) made sure that there would be refreshments on hand for guests who might stop by. In this way, they were always prepared to be good hosts.

I will have to try to hide some soda in my house.

One of the most important principles of the martial arts is to be prepared for unexpected danger... or even unexpected guests.


Charles C. Goodin