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A Violin Recital

Tonight I went to a violin recital for my daughter, Natasja, who is in the 8th grade. She started learning the violin last year. About 20 students were in her group tonight.

Each day, my daughter practices the violin and I have often heard her rehearse the songs that were performed tonight. But what I did not know is that she was only practicing her part of the song. Some of other students had the same part, but other students had others.

When they all got together, the music was beautiful. The songs were so rich with all the interwoven parts.

In Karate, we sometimes are only practicing part of the song -- the part we know. When we can all come together for training, comparing techniques, talking about history, sharing our experiences, and just to enjoy a meal together, we can begin to appreciate the whole song -- or at least a much bigger part of it.


Charles C. Goodin