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True Speed

During high school, I practiced Kenpo Karate under Florentino S. Pancipanci at Hickam Air Force Base. We called him "Mr. Pancipanci." We also addressed other students as "Mr." as a sign of respect.

One of the things Mr. Pancipanci used to tell us was that we should not show other people our true speed. If someone knows your true speed, then he gains an advantage. However, if he does not know your true speed, he will have to think twice. Are you faster than him?

Today, it is popular to demonstrate Karate. It may be tempting to do our very best and move as quickly as we can. However, we should remember that in doing so, we may be giving away something that is better kept secret.

We also have to keep this in mind when we watch other martial artists demonstrate. Are they moving as quickly as they can, or are they holding back? Are they showing their true speed?

Mr. Pancipanci also used to say:

"Learn to know yourself;
Be sure you know yourself;
Don't show yourself."

Charles C. Goodin