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Seeking Respect

Those who deserve respect seldom seek it.

Those who seek respect seldom deserve it.
We should all act our very best and try our very best at whatever we do. Respect comes to those who deserve it. And if we are doing good and trying our best, that is reward enough -- whether people recognize us or not.

In Karate, it is easy to become distracted by rank, titles and awards. I know some very well known Karate instructors. I also know some who are not known at all. My greatest respect goes to the instructors who wholeheartedly teach their students, often for little or no money, often in obscurity.

I am impressed when I meet a well known instructor who is down to earth. I am impressed when I meet an unknown instructor who teaches at the highest level. I am impressed when I meet a sincere and dedicated student -- of any art, of any level.

Respect is something you have to earn each and every day. If you seek it, you're missing the point. Just do good.


Charles C. Goodin