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Professor Remy Presas

My good friend allowed me to borrow some DVDs about Arnis showing various armed and unarmed techniques. The DVDs featured Professor Remy Presas (1936-2001).

I get to watch many martial arts videos and DVDs. I have to say that I was absolutely amazed by Professor Presas. I just watched and shook my head. How could anyone be so skilled? He was so relaxed and calm, but literally tied his attackers into knots.

We Karate students should never forget that we can learn a great deal from other martial arts. A master of any art is a master. I wish that I could have seen Professor Presas in real life.

I have a great deal of respect for the Filipino martial arts. Our Hawai Karate Museum has the Halford E. Jones Filipino Martial Arts Collection. As I have written before, when I started learnng Kenpo Karate in high school, I actually thought that it was a Filipino martial art because most of my teachers were Filipino.


Charles C. Goodin