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The Most Famous Sensei

Who is the most famous sensei? It depends where you look.

On Ebay, I think that the most famous sensei is Gichin Funakoshi (and his students).

On Yahoo Japan, the winner is definitely Mas Oyama (and his students).

Who is perceived as the most famous sensei in the world? Again, that it easy. It has to be Pat Morita who brought the Miyagi Sensei character to life. God rest Pat Morita's soul! I'm sure that he is entertaining children in heaven.

Who is the most famous Karate student? That has to be Elvis Presley.

Who is the most famous Kenpo instructor? I would guess that Ed Parker (who was from Hawaii) eclipsed the fame of his teacher, Professor William K. S. Chow, and even his teacher, Masayoshi James Mitose.

What instructor from Hawaii wrote a Karate book that sold more than 1 million copies? That would be Shihan Bobby Lowe (the senior student of Mas Oyama).

What instructor from Hawaii is the most senior member of a 1 million plus member organization? Once again, that would be Shihan Bobby Lowe.

Do a Google search for Karate sensei. Who comes up first? Surprise, surprise, it is Hawaii's Thomas Shigeru Miyashiro -- Hawaii first Nisei Karate sensei.

Who is the highest ranked Karate sensei in the world? I have no clue, but I'll bet he still puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us.

Which Sensei has won the most trophies? Again, I don't know but I hope that he has a big house to put them all in -- and plenty of time to dust them!

Who has the most read Karate blog on the internet? Again, at Google.com enter Karate blog. The second listing is the Karate Thoughts Blog. The first listing is a list itself, so I won't count it.

Which sensei is the most important one in the world? The one who taught you! No one can be more important than your own Sensei. What matters is not his fame, rank, titles, number of students, books written, tropies, or search engine placements. What matters most is his character and unselfishness in teaching his students -- student after student, year after year.


Charles C. Goodin