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Leave It On The Dojo Floor

When you come to Karate training, you should try your very best. This does not necessarily mean that you should try hard physically. Trying hard with wasted movement is not very productive (and can actually be counterproductive). You must try hard and smart. You must try your best to move properly and efficiently.

You must try hard physically and mentally. You must make sure that you concentrate on what you are doing. If you are doing a kata, your attention should be 100% on that kata -- not on what happened on work or school earlier in the day, or on what you will do after class.

If you try your best -- both physically and mentally -- then you have left everything on the dojo floor. You will have left behind your sweat and effort. Then you can go home and feel very good about your training.

But if you train only half-heartedly, you will go home and feel unsatisfied. That is because part of your sweat could not get out and part of your effort is still inside you.

Leave it all on the dojo floor. You will always get much more in return.


Charles C. Goodin