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Honored to Learn

I just posted a Guest Post by Sensei Pat Nakata entitled Kime, Kikomi, Kimochi. How fortunate I feel to be able to learn from such a fine Sensei, and how thankful I am that he would share his ideas here. Many people have a particular expertise in Karate. I believe that it would be safe to say that Nakata Sensei's specialty is hitting. He is a hitting scientist!

Some people might be thinking, "But I thought that your Sensei is Professor Katsuhiko Shinzato." That is correct. My Sensei are Shinzato Sensei (who lives in Okinawa) and Sensei Rodney Shimabukuro (who lives here in Honolulu). Nakata Sensei is a combination of my big brother, uncle, godfather, and mentor in Karate. He has done so much to help me with the Hawaii Karate Museum and my ongoing research.

Some people know a little and are greedy with it. Nakata Sensei was a great wealth of knowledge and shares it freely.


Charles C. Goodin