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Great Karate Books

A good Karate Sensei is better than the best Karate book. I am fortunate to have access to some of the greatest Karate books ever written. While I respect their authors and appreciate the wealth of information contained therein, no books can come close to my own Sensei -- or your Sensei.

The Hawaii Karate Museum has a 1926 edition of Gichin Funakoshi's Retan Karate Jutsu in excellent condition (see right). Anyone would be rightfully thrilled to own it.

However, we should be even more overwhelmed when we are lucky enough to have a Sensei who is kind enough to teach us Karate. A Karate Sensei is a living treasure! Books are trivial by comparison.

This is not to say that books are not important or valuable. We should preserve them for future generations. But we should not overlook the importance and value of our Sensei, many of whom are literally living encyclopedias and libraries of Karate!


Charles C. Goodin